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Launching my podcast today

Whilst riding the extreme up and down waves of navigating this new world we find ourselves in, my brother (and business partner) Robbie and I have finally tended to a project that has been in the pipeline for some time now.

To be perfectly honest, this was something that Robbie pitched to me a while ago when I was finishing up my degree. At that time I did not have the mental capacity or physical energy for such a project. But now, with lots more space, and a desire to share insights and interview incredible people, the timing feels right.

Episode 1 has just gone live this morning and you can listen to it wherever you get your podcasts or here on Spotify.There are 12 episodes planned for season 1, talking all things yin yoga and Chinese medicine. There'll be a new episode released every 1-2 weeks.

Sometimes it is just me sharing my musings, and other times I am sharing the thoughts, wisdom and offerings of some extraordinary people that I am blessed to know.


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