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Yin Yoga Training, Melbourne

Level 1 Yin Yoga & Functional Anatomy YTT

- Get certified with this comprehensive training.

This comprehensive Yoga Alliance approved training is available for both already qualified yoga teachers, wanting to build their skill set in order to teach Yin Yoga, and also for students with a love of Yin Yoga wanting to deepen their experience and knowledge.

This course will enable you to draw from a deep bank of knowledge and information regarding the body, skeletal variation, and meridian theory.

Most importantly after this course you will feel very confident in approaching students in your classes who need assistance or alternative postures, as your teaching skill set will be broadened immensely.

I work with new yoga teacher graduates and seasoned yoga teachers to help demystify all the old rules of “yoga alignment” that you might have picked up on your journey. 

Ever wondered why you or your students can’t seem to “move deeper” into postures? Or why do some students look entirely different when in the same pose? 


Do you struggle to “hold space” in class and feel overwhelmed being silent for periods of time? Since 2018 I have trained over 150 yin yoga teachers (some of which did the training just because they love yin and have no desire to teach). 


I have learned from some of the world's most renowned teachers including Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark. 

My mission is to 


  • Help you understand why visual alignment in class is second rate, compared to each student’s unique bone structure

  • Build your confidence to become the best yin teacher you can be

  • Support your growth as a teacher refining your language, presence and steadiness 

  • Help you fall even deeper in love with Yin (if that is even possible) 


I run annual yin yoga trainings in Australia. 


Upcoming Training - September 2024

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Melbourne

Think. Focus. Act studio, Newport 

  • Online Meet & Greet: Friday 6th September 6.30pm - 7.30pm 

  • 30 hours: In Person Training sessions 

  • Wed 11th - Sun 15th September

  • 10:30am - 4:30pm​

  • 50 hours: supplementary online studies with Lifetime Access to all online materials.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Learning Modules

Yin Yoga Theory

  • Yin and Yang Philosophy 

  • The Principles of Yin Yoga

  • Safe Practice

  • The Energy Body, Qi & Meridians

  • The Yin Meridians

  • The Yang Meridians


  • Exercising Yin vs Yang Tissues in the Body​​

  • Skeletal Variation & Range of Motion in Joints

  • The Spine

  • The Pelvis

  • The Shoulder

  • The Knee and Ankle

  • The Elbow and Wrist

Teaching Skills

The Role of the Yin teacher: language, holding space, sensitivity with students​

  • Supporting Injuries, and the use of props​

  • The Pre and Post-Natal Student​

  • Creative and Meridian Based Sequencing​

  • Mindfulness Integrated into the Practice


"Quite simply, I loved Karina’s course. The online content was of a very high quality and then the face to face components – which included a yin practice which was then dissected; anatomy and teaching skills were very practical.


If you are new to yin yoga or yin yoga teaching I would highly recommend the course. Karina is an excellent communicator and knows her stuff!

- Flip Shelton

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