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Yin Yoga

This is the place to find out all about Yin Yoga, upcoming Teacher Trainings and events with me, plus yoga mentoring, retreats, free classes  and lots of resources. 

Are a new yoga teacher looking to dive deeper into Yin and Anatomy? 

Are a Yin Yoga student who simply adored the practice of Yin and want to learn more the world of Yin Yoga? 

You're in the right place!

What's Yin Yoga?

The daoist term “yin” refers to the darker denser side of the dualistic polarity, exploring the practice of long held postures in order to maintain the heath of yin tissues in the body. As opposed to "yang" styles of movement that focus on conditioning and strength of the yang tissues of the body, namely our skeletal muscles.

All tissues of the human body need to be "exercised", and we need both yin and yang approaches to our body to keep it both supple and strong. As Bernie Clark reminds us "beware the binary." 

For some people, their initial experience of Yin Yoga can be very challenging, perhaps they are more comfortable exercising in a way where they can move constantly, and when things begin to feel uncomfortable, they can immediately shift position.


Yin Yoga invites you to stay, to lean into discomfort (not pain!), and notice what comes up for you mentally and emotionally when you cannot shift away from discomfort. A deeper question can arise in us regarding how we deal with difficulty in our lives? Do we run away, look for distractions, or even look for escapism and numbing out?

A very important part of the practice is the rebound. This is a mini Savasana experience after every posture. This place of rest is also a crucial aspect of the class giving you have time and space to feel how the previous yin posture has impacted your body and mind. A Yin Yoga class is not complete if rebounds are not included. 

Many students report that having a Yin Yoga Practice has given them permission to slow down, to witness their thoughts, and has helped to keep their body supple and happy. 


Teacher Training



Develop your skills as a teacher. Online mentoring sessions are now available to help you on your Yin Yoga journey. 

Dr Karina Smith in a patient consult her Newport clinic.jpg

Do you sometimes wish you could have a check-in with a senior yoga teacher to get some feedback on how you are developing as a yoga teacher? 

Maybe you have questions about common things that are happening in your classes that are challenging you? 


Maybe there are some blind spots in your anatomy knowledge that you want to clarify in order to gain more confidence in your teaching. 


Karina is now offering on-line hour-long mentoring session via Zoom to give you an opportunity to fine tune your teaching skills and ask all of those burning questions you need answered. These could be on-off sessions, or a series of mentoring sessions tailored to where you feel you need guidance in your teaching. 

Get feedback and build confidence in the yoga studio. 



Here is a selection of free full length yin yoga classes that I recorded especially for you. 

Relax in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy the relaxing practice of Yin Yoga.


Here is a selection of pre-recorded meditation practices I have created for you to use at any time you need to feel calm and re-centred again.

Love, Karina 

Watch Now

"I loved the Yin TT with Karina. I’d recommend this course to anyone. Karina is incredibly organised and clear, she’s a great teacher. Since completing the training my own practise has deepened. 

I am returning to yoga teaching after a 20 year break (because I love Yin so much ) I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the words, because there is no script in Yin, but it’s much easier than I thought. I’m really grateful for this training. It was accessible and affordable and impeccable.”

"The online content was of a very high quality and then the face to face components – which included a yin practice which was then dissected; anatomy and teaching skills were very practical. 


If you are new to yin yoga or yin yoga teaching I would highly recommend the course.  Karina is an excellent communicator and knows her stuff!" 

2023 Student

2023 Student

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