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My Four-Year Headache

This is a story about my personal experience of my battles with chronic headaches, and how it eventually led me to want to study Chinese Medicine. Headaches are so common for so many people, and if you have suffered from headaches like me, if you have seeked out help from a practitioner in the sphere of Western Medicine in tends to be pain mediation or physical body manipulations... and that's kind of it!

I tried so many things to try and get relief from my chronic headaches including seeing many different practitioners from physiotherapists, acupuncture and eventually received a referral from my GP to be able to see a neurologist. This is my story and if you have suffered from some sort of chronic pain firstly, I send you lots of love and support to cope with the pain, and secondly don't give up, I encourage you to keep seeking out options to try and find relief.


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