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Are my arms too short for yoga?

One big oversight in yoga and cueing in the yoga class is the fact that we all have different proportions in our bone lengths. If your arms are short versus long, your experience of certain yoga postures and transitions are going to feel very different and may benefit from using blocks.

In this video I use the examples of jump backs, seated twists and stepping silently back to plank to illustrate why having shorter arms in yoga does not mean you are not trying hard enough in your practice, but that you might feel more comfortable utilising the props.

Take a look and see if these tips and tricks might be useful for your yoga practice.



Rachel Loney-Howes
Rachel Loney-Howes

omg! you've changed my practice! I knew I had t-rex arms but my old yoga teacher used to keep taking my blocks away from me because my hamstrings are super stretchy. I can now move with so much more ease and leverage on the mat - thank you for giving me permission to use the props!!!!

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