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My guest appearance on the Qiological podcast

I was recently a guest on a wonderful podcast called Qiological; an amazing resource for practitioners of Chinese Medicine all around the world, hosted by the fabulous Michael Max.

It was truly an honour to be a guest on this podcast, as I have been an avid listener to the show for years.

The incredible guests that have been on the show have shared an enormous amount of wisdom and helped me to learn and grow so much as practitioner, especially when I was still learning acupuncture and herbs at school.

This episode is built into two parts: part 1 I am sharing my experience with a case study from my University days that was very challenging and took a lot of unexpected twists and turns.

Pat 2 I am being interviewed by Michael Max about the case, my story and my reflections.

Come and take a listen,

Love Karina x



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