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When Can I Fall Pregnant?

How well do you understand your body's fertility communication?

Many women have been lead to believe that they can fall pregnant at any time during their cycle. In actual fact, the days in which you can conceive are only about 4 - 6 in the whole month.

In no way is this video advocating unsafe sexual practices. However if women are interested in exploring more natural ways to manage their birth control, one of the first things i recommend is getting to know your cycle, and namely, getting to pay attention to the signs that you are ovulating, and therefore fertile.

The textbook length of a cycle from the day of your first bleed (day 1), to the day before of your next bleed, can range anywhere from 21 days to over 30 days, so each woman needs to tune in to her own cycle.

In the very middle of the cycle, your homones change, and cervical mucous is secreted, and if the cycle is 28 days, then ovulation typically happens at day 14.

There are some fantastic apps that you can download that will help you better track your cycles and see how long your cycle is, and when your ovulation is likely to occur. My preference is an app called FLO (I have no endorsement deal with FLO, it is simply an app that i use and really like). And the minimum data it requires, is for you to log when you are bleeding. Making it very easy to start getting back in the driver's seat of your body.


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