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Autumn shedding.

Autumn Traditional Chinese Medicine

Of all the seasons, Autumn seems to be the one that brings up the most emotions.

Yang begins slowly migrating back to the Yin.

All the warm bright glorious energy of summer, suddenly does a ninety degree turn and pivots back inwards on itself.

Bright becomes golden, warm becomes cool, and the internal space of inquiry and reflection is amplified like a glowing fire.

Inevitably the questions always arise;

"what is no longer serving you, and what are you therefore ready to let go of?"

We are invited to look to nature for guidance, as she cleverly knows how to shed her leaves in a healthy way. Watching them fall and poetically dance to the ground makes the process look so easy.

Some of us dive in, and clear out abundant space, immediately feeling the decompression that accompanies the declutter, relishing in momentary simplicity and exhaling with deep satisfaction.

Others squeeze, grip, and hold on through tears and stories of the painful thoughts of what it might mean to let something go fully from our lives.

To recognise that something needs to be shed, is a powerful step towards the actual shedding, and the journey towards the final "let go" must be handled with the utmost care and kindness.

Let us not underestimate the energy of this time of the year. In Chinese Medicine, the season of Autumn is governed by the Lungs, which is the place in the body most affected by grief and sadness.

Throw in a pandemic, where all of us have been herded into our homes and heads, creating such ripe conditions for old hurts and stories to resurface. Many of our usual diversion tactics are unavailable, and so, into the waves we go.

As we travel through this season, complicated with current worldwide uncertainty, may we be extra generous in our compassion for self, and graceful in allowing ourselves to receive comfort in whatever form it takes. Permission to dive in fully and review everything, and permission to take breaks.

Sing, yell, cry, and exhale out old unserving lung qi. Then breathe in deeply.

Shed softly.

Love Karina x



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