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Period Pain

Karina Smith Chinese Medicine Clinic Prahran

On a scale of 1 naprogesic to a full day agonising in bed how is your period pain?

Some of the patients I work with have the most excruciating period pain, coupled with vomiting, violent diarrhoea, migraines and body sensitivity.

In clinic I like to ask people where they feel their pain:

  • Does it stay fairly local to the lower abdomen?

  • Is it fixed and stabbing anywhere?

  • Is it more concentrated around the sacrum?

  • Do you get a dragging sensation down your inner thighs?

  • Do you get any other pain in your body just before your period is due to arrive.

What makes it feel better?

  • Do you like a sense of pressure over your womb?

  • Does it feel better or worse with heat?

  • Does it impact on your sleep?

It is my current understanding, that excuciating period pain may be a sign that there is some degree of endometriosis happening in the abdomen. However, the only way to get a confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis is by having laparoscopic surgery. Needless to say, many women would prefer to seek out natural healing modalitites before having surgery.

Because of that, I believe there must be a high number of endometriosis cases that go undiagnosed, resulting in a monthly pain cycle for many women. And for some women, the surgery turns out to be the best thing they ever did for their gyne health. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Karina Smith Acupuncture Prahran

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine can definitely play a role in period pain management and blood health. And i am also a big advocate that for some patients, they may need to gently stay open to the idea that a laparoscopic intervention may also be something that is needed on their healing journey.


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