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Supporting Women's Health
through Chinese Medicine.

Working to find the underlying root causes for pain and discomfort. 

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Did know that Chinese Medicine considers period pain abnormal?


Pain is a sign of Qi not flowing smoothly and therefore creating blockages that we experience as physical pain.


Most women experience period pain to some degree each month. For some it is so bad they can be bed-ridden, and some women also experience very painful ovulation.


This can be complicated by extreme emotional states due to hormone imbalances, not to mention very heavy periods that can leave them exhausted every month. 


One of the beautiful aspects of Chinese Medicine is that we seek to find the root cause underneath somebody’s health complaint.


Where western medicine would offer interventions that might relieve pain temporarily, Chinese medicine wants to know what is causing the pain and focus on balancing that root issue with acupuncture and herbal support in order for the body to come back into a state of natural harmony. 


Chinese Medicine can support a woman's health by taking very good look at the state of her blood, energy levels, diet, emotional state, as well as Qi, yin and yang.


It is a medicine that looks holistically at the entire woman and her menstrual history. Both acupuncture and herbs play a key role in turning the wheel back in the direction of harmony and ease so that her experience of her menstrual cycle can be more manageable. 

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Women's Health

Women's Health

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