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Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Anatomy for Yin Yoga

Course Price

Course length

5 hours

This Functional Anatomy YTT teaches you skeletal variation, anatomy fundamentals and ranges of motion, to enrich your Yin Yoga experience for both students and teachers.

• Over 5+ hours of video content delivered over 33 lessons.

• 6 Learning modules covering all the major joint complexes in the body with detailed explanations of skeletal variation and range of motion.

• Includes studio demonstrations to see skeletal variation in action.

Course Requirements

• As the course content is delivered entirely online, a good internet connection is required to ensure you can stream all the video modules.

• You do not need to be a Yin teacher, but some previous experience practising and a fundamental knowledge of Yin Yoga is essential.

About the course

Why can't I 'achieve' the right 'look' of a yoga shape? Why do some postures not 'feel right' in my body?

The answer is: Skeletal Variation

No two bodies are exactly alike and in this Anatomy for Yin Yoga course, you will learn how each person has their own unique alignment and how this plays a major role in how we approach and experience the yoga practise.

In this completely online Yin Yoga Teacher Training, together we will go through all the major synovial joint complexes in the body, range of motion, and anatomy foundations. You will discover this functional approach to yoga, which will improve your cueing in yoga classes and give you incredible insight to why some bodies just can't do what we've been told they can.

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