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Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Chinese Medicine for Yin Yoga

Course Price

Course length

4 hours

Add a new layer of depth to your Yin Yoga classes through the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

• Gain access to 20 video lessons and over 4+ hours of learning content.

• Learn all the organ and meridian systems in the body including Yin/Yang pairings.

• Gain a thorough understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how to it can be used for our health and our Yoga Practise.

Course Requirements

• As the course content is delivered entirely online, a good internet connection is required to ensure you can stream all the video modules.

• You do not need to be a Yin teacher, but some previous experience practising and a fundamental knowledge of Yin Yoga is essential.

About the course

What is Chinese Medicine, and how is it related to Yoga?
What are Meridian Lines and where are they in the body?
How can I create Yin Yoga sequences using Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine for Yin Yoga will give you the foundational knowledge you need to add a new layer of depth to your Yin Yoga classes as an instructor or student. You'll walk away with a thorough understanding of the body's organ and meridian systems, how to use those systems in your postures and Yin Yoga sequences, and how to use Chinese Medicine in your daily life for better health.

Chinese Medicine for Yin Yoga is a theory based course, that begins with a broad overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how this system of health approaches the body diagnostically.

The course covers each Zang/Fu (Yin/Yang) organ system and respective meridian system in depth. From a teaching perspective, yin yoga postures and sequences are suggested as templates in which to bring this information into your teaching to provide a holistic framework for your students.

As we cover each major organ/meridian system, together we will be looking at the signs and symptoms that manifest in the body when this organ system is out of balance. We will also look at the elemental and energetic functions of that system. When does that element shine during the seasons of the year, what foods support each organ, what emotions are stored or released when that organ is out of harmony, as well as the specific pathway of the meridian that flows through that organ network.

It is not the intention to take this information and provide diagnoses to future yin yoga students, that is reserved for practicing clinicians. This online Yin Yoga Teacher Training is specifically intended to enrich your understanding of how and what the body needs to stay healthy and harmonious with the seasons, and to have this information to draw from when you are inspiring your students to take care of their bodies and minds.

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