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Develop your skills as a teacher.

Online mentoring sessions are now available to help you on your Yin Yoga journey. 

Yin Yoga Mentoring

Do you sometimes wish you could have a check-in with a senior yoga teacher to get some feedback on how you are developing as a yoga teacher? 


Maybe you have questions about common things that are happening in your classes that are challenging you? 


Maybe there are some blind spots in your anatomy knowledge that you want to clarify in order to gain more confidence in your teaching. 


Karina is now offering on-line hour-long mentoring session via Zoom to give you an opportunity to fine tune your teaching skills and ask all of those burning questions you need answered.


These could be on-off sessions, or a series of mentoring sessions tailored to where you feel you need guidance in your teaching. 

 About Karina | Online Courses

Get feedback and build confidence in the yoga studio. 

Starting your career as a yoga teacher can be daunting. There is so much to remember, and so much more you want to learn. Often times now yoga teachers feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting to teach as they do not feel they are ready yet. This gap can grow ever wide and new teachers can find that the “just start” motivation slips further and further away. 


Or perhaps you have started teaching and are craving some good quality feedback to help you feel confident that you are on track, and receive some great pointers on what to keep developing in your teaching. 


Maybe certain scenarios have presented in a class and you felt unsure of how to proceed? A good example of this is when a student seems to be struggling with a certain posture, or asks you over to assist them, and you have no idea how to troubleshoot the situation, so you simply offer them a bolster to lay back over (and secretly hope they don’t come back to your class). 


Karina has spent many years mentoring new yoga teachers as they grow their confidence in asana cueing, language choice, facilitating group work, and knowledge of the human anatomy in the context of yoga postures. She has also been running her own teacher training programs since 2018, and been part of the education staff at The Australian Yoga Academy since 2016. She is now available for online mentoring sessions to help you at whatever stage you are at in your teaching. 


One-off hour zoom sessions are available for teachers needing a single session to help work through certain blocks or blind spots in their teachings, as well as get that confidence boost that they are on track.


Blocks of sessions are also available for those looking to have a series of sessions. These can be customised with Karina according to the goals and desired outcomes of the teacher. 


1 x hour Mentoring Session AUD$120


About Karina | Online Courses

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