Dr. Karina Smith

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
Newport & Williamstown.

Offering acupuncture, massage and herbal therapies. Specialising in Women's Health, pain management, stress and anxiety, and digestion issues. 

Chinese Medicine is an ancient system of healing that dates back at least 2,500 years.


This medicine holistically investigates the entire patient in order to help bring them back into balance and good health.


As Chinese Medicine practitioner, Karina helps patients to ensure their bodies are functioning at their best; from your digestion, mental health, energy levels, appetite, gynaecology, libido, sleep and physical body.

Your Chinese Medicine Appointment


During an initial consultation, a series of questions will be asked, as well as other methods of diagnosis that include observing the tongue, feeling the pulse, and possible palpation of the body to help get a big picture of what is needed for the patient in the treatment. 

Acupuncture and/or herbal therapy is then used to address the issues that need rebalancing in the patient. There might even be some changes to diet and lifestyle needed during the treatment plan. 

A series of treatments is usually required to make significant changes to a person's state of health. Especially if the health concern is chronic and has been with the patient for a long time. 

For any enquiries regarding the use of Chinese Medicine in a treatment please feel free to contact Dr. Karina.

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